This page will be a place for me to tell you what is new on the site, and maybe also a place for me to keep a sort of unofficial journal.  We'll see how well I update it.
7.7.04 I started a blog. Check it out, not really that insteresting...yet. Blog
11.10.03 Here are the pictures that Geoff and I took (with Geoff's digital camera) at Matt and Laurie s wedding. Enjoy.  Click here for the wedding pictures.
11.10.03 Here are the pictures of my new house now that I have moved in. Notice that I have painted those ugly green walls back to white. Click here to see them.
10.5.03 Ok in case you hadn't heard, I bought a house.  So here are some pictures of the new house, before I moved in.  Once I get this place cleaned up I will put some pictures up of the house after the move.  Click here for the before pictures.
5.17.03 Hi everyone, I know it has been a long time since I have updated the site.  I was told more than once in my recent trip back east about how I should update the site, so here you go.  I grabbed some recent random pictures from my digital camera, take a look, I will add comments soon. Click me!
11.12.02 I finally added more balloon pictures.   I haven't added comments or thumbnails yet, but you can take a look at the raw photos if you want.   Click here.
11.10.02 Ok I know its like 6 months after the fact, but I finally added comments to the 2002 graduation pictures.   Click here.
11.3.02 I added a cool guestbook, check it out!!!!!   j Sign it and you will be the coolest! Guestbook
10.8.02 The 2002 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta began last Saturday, and I took some pictures.  Check it out!  They are pretty nice.  Click here.
9.22.02 Ok I just found out that my brother Rob and his wife Gena have their own website.  I didn't even know, so here is a link to it, take a look.  The only reason I would link to it is because it has some awesome pictures of me in a tuxedo!
9.21.02 A added a few more pictures of my last day in NJ, and a couple camping pictures to boot!  Click here.
9.21.02 A few pictures of my new car. Click here.
8.13.02 Well I'm finally all moved.  I have hastily threw up some pictures of my time visiting NJ (1-12), moving out of my apartment in VA (13-26), the drive to NM (27-34), and the sightseeing in NM since we have been here (35+).  Check out the pictures here.  Soon I will have some pictures of the new apartment up as well.
6.28.02 I am moving to New Mexico, so has changed servers.  Thanks to the wonderful people at IDD is still live!! Thank you IDD! Check out IDD's site(I coded it ;) ).
5.12.02 I have some graduation pictures up.  I will make a nice page for them with my "witty" comments included soon.  Click here.
4.28.02 Some pictures of Melissa's birthday.  Click here.
4.28.02 Pictures of VT Spring Football Game.  Click here.
4.28.02 Ok so its been awhile, but here is the pictures from my wonderful cousin Andrea's wedding to Dan.  I will have a page with thumbnails and captions soon.
3.13.02 Alright after much delay the Paula and Ken wedding page is finally up and with all the captions.  Check it out with the link below.  Oh it only works correctly in Internet Explorer.
3.8.02 Ok I made up a page with thumbnails for Paula and Ken's wedding.  I still need to add captions, but check out what I have so far here.
3.7.02 Well you have to make a decision; I finally have my cousin Paula and Ken's wedding pictures up, but they are unsorted and don't have any captions on them. I am going to do that soon. So you have to decide, do you want to see the pictures now or wait until the page with captions and thumbnails is done? I'll let you decide. Here is the link to the unsorted wedding pictures. Paula and Ken's Wedding.
3.4.02 Well after much ado my cousin Paula has finally made it onto my website. Now I know this is a great honor for her so please take a look at the picture of us at her wedding day here. Oh and because her new husband, Ken is very jealous that he wasn't on my website, I have added a nice cute picture of the two of them looking all spiffy and whatnot. Take a look at it here Oh and by the way, on March 15th my wonderfully smart and beautiful cousin Andrea is getting married and I will have a picture of her up here right after, so look for it.
2.25.02 Ok, on request, I made some nice thumbnails for my Ellett Valley trip.  Check it out here.
2.24.02 I took a drive in the Ellett Valley outside of Blacksburg today.  Its really a beautiful place.  Naturally I took some pictures and soon I hope to take more pictures around Blacksburg to kind of make a virtual tour of this fine town.  Well anyhow, take a look at the pictures here.  (Check out the panoramas, I worked hard on those.
2.24.02 I added a few more random digital camera pictures, once again unsorted so beware.  Check them out with the link below.
2.14.02 Added some random digital camera pictures.  I haven't sorted them so beware.  Check them out here
2.13.02 Sorry for not doing it sooner, I made all the birthday images smaller so that they will download faster and named them with a little description.  Check them out here
2.11.02 I threw my birthday night pictures up.  Take a look at them here.  Note: the images are quite large, and will take awhile to download, I plan on making them smaller later.
1.30.02 I added a thoughts page, which is exactly what you would think.  Right now it is very brief, but soon I hope to add much more to it.
1.20.02 Got hit with damn nimda virus AGAIN!  Keep your eyes open, I may have to switch back to  I am going to try to sit tight, but this is getting ridiculous.
1.19.02 I finally updated the ugly main page take a look at it here, but if you are reading this, then you probably already saw the main page.
1.19.02 I changed the colors on the dvd page, hopefully it makes the table easier to view.  You can sort by rating, run time, director, etc. by clicking on the column name.
1.16.02 I redid the me page a little more drastically than the last update.
1.16.02 I finally added my college graduation pictures.  Maybe I will get a chance to sort them and add captions someday.  Click here to see them.
1.16.02 Well I got hit AGAIN late last night with the Nimda virus.  This is getting ridiculous!  Thank god I have Norton Antivirus installed and updated, its caught it (hopefully) before it causes any major problems.  If this keeps up I might have to switch back to port 8000.  Be on the lookout, if one day the page doesn't load add :8000 to the address.  So it would be
1.15.02 Guess what I have been hit with the Nimda virus!  Damn these people who don't have virus protection!  It is their computers that the virus gets into and then it uses their computers to try to spread to mine!  Please, everyone, I'm begging you, get some virus software and keep it up to date! or
1.13.02 Well I updated the me page a little, I want to do a complete redesign, but maybe later.
1.13.02 I created a new page for my DVD collection since it is quickly getting out of control and hard to keep up with.  Don't worry I used a cool program to automatically enter all that data in for each DVD, all I had to do was enter the UPC code.  Check it out here.  Soon I will add a wish list of what DVDs I would love to have. ;)
1.12.02 I added a link from the website to my new webcam.  Check it out here.  Soon I will add old cam captures so you get to see something instead of my empty chair.
1.11.02 Well I registered yesterday and today it finally went through!  You can now access my site by going to  No more  I added that 8000 at the end because when I had my website on the standard port I was getting hit with viruses that would break into my server.  I am going to try the standard port again and see what happens so that you won't have to put in the :8000.  We'll see what happens.