Jay's Meaningless Links to Other Garbage!

I.L.F.C. Inc. - (The only exception to the above title because I produced this site. Probably not too interesting to anyone who might have wandered on to this nutcase site!)


Unsorted Links:

The Weather Channel- Get your local forecast without waiting for it for half an hour on TV.

The Weather Underground - excellent, extremely local forecast by just entering your zip code.

The Courier-News - the local newspaper back at home in NJ.

Webster's Online Dictionary - learn how to spell.

Bridgewater-Raritan HS - currently down try it though may be working by then.

How to keep an idiot busy - check it out.

Electronic greeting cards - go make your own greeting card for that significant other.

Crutchfield - Got my new Pioneer head unit there, watch the prices though

UVA "fan" page - not what it seems

Tunes.com - look up just about any artist or album no matter how obscure, includes track samples and album covers

Scour.net - find all the mp3s you could ask for just makes sure you delete them after 24 hours ; )

NFL.com - um a place for football I think

NBA.com - I think this may have some basket ball stuff 

ESPN - has some good college sports info

Search Engines:

[ Yahoo! ] options

Example: hotels in San Francisco options

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I love television, it is my life. All I do is watch television so naturally these are my next links:

NBC - By far the best network on television!

Third Rock From the Sun - Funny show (saw this one in person too)

Fox - Decent network

The X-Files - Fox's best show by far

ABC - Not a great network (But there's the link anyway) (Where's CBS??)

Classic Television:

Knight Rider - One of the best shows to ever transverse the air waves!


C|net - Good computer resources

PC Magazine - Good mag, good site


VT Homepage - Hey what do I have to say?

Rutgers University - Word up to my peeps in NJ, this one's for you

Penn State University - An okay school, it's no VT though!


More to come!