Jody A. Goad

January 26, 1976 - July 9, 2003
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Name : Kirsten Date :1/26/2012
Tribute / Story : Happy Birthday, friend. You are missed terribly.
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Name : Jeff Rice, VT Class of '98 Date :11/4/2010
Tribute / Story : I met Jody Goad in the fall of 1994 in my sophmore year at Virginia Tech while I living in the Miles Hall dormatory. He was living in the room across the hall from me at that time and the next year we agreed to be roommates for the 1995-96 school year. I thought Jody was an extremely nice guy with a great personality and was super intelligent. He was always willing to lend a helping hand and a kind word when things got tough during the year and was a great roommate and friend. I remember he was always so proud of being a Hillsville native, loved Dale Earnharht, and the thrill of watching our Hokies grow into a nationally respected football team during our tenure in Blacksburg. I always believed he had a tremendous amount of promise and I knew after he left VT that he was destined to succeed in life in whatever he decided to do. The next year we moved off campus to seperate places, but I would bump into him periodically around campus and enjoyed catching up with him. I lost touch with him after graduating from VT in 1998 and had been wondering how he was doing. Today, I received my 2010 VT Alumni Association Directory in the mail and didn't see his name listed. I knew immediately that something was wrong and that something must have happened to him. He was the kind of guy that loved to network with friends and fellow Hokies and wouldn't have missed an opportunity to be in the new directory. So, I googled his name and found this site. I am so deeply sorry and sad to see that he is gone. He was a terrific person and I will always value my friendship and that year I spent with him in Miles Hall. My sincerest sympathies go out to Jody's parents, family and friends for your loss. He will not be forgotten.....
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Name : Linda Shay Date :4/16/2007
Tribute / Story : Today's tragic news made me think of Jody. I am so sorry for all of the students, families, emergency workers, staff and everyone who is touched by this senseless act. I remembered that Jody attended Virginia Tech. Jody was so nice to help me with my Goad genealogy. One life can be so far-reaching. My sympathies to Jody's family and all of the Virginia Tech families.
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Name : Kirsten Date :1/30/2007
Tribute / Story : Happy Birthday, my friend.....a few days late. I was thinking about you on the 26th...just didn't get online to drop a note. I miss you, like always, and you are always in my thoughts. So many things are happening these days and I'm so sad you aren't here to share it.
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Name : jay Date :7/9/2006
Tribute / Story : I don't think of it as three years ago for some reason. It really still seems like it was just a few months ago.

Jody we all miss you very much. I still think it is a testament to you that people still write here fondly remembering the imprint you left on their lives.

Truly, that is the "meaning" of life, how many people in this world you touch. And if that is the measurement, then Jody, you have succeeded, in your short time here, enormously.

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