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 11.25.2002  Comments by Erna
  @ 20:17 I finally found the NEW server. I kept linking through Robert's home page - which isn't there any more. Just had to sign the guest book so you know I check on you occasionally. Hugs, Erna
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 11.9.2002  Comments by Rob (brother)
  @ 07:14 Jay must be getting popular. Last night his guestbook hit a historic landmark. Finally the scales were tipped away from family, and a friend made an entry. Albeit not a new one but a friend none the less. Just kidding Bro. Hope all is well. Miss you like hell..
Hope to be able to see you this spring.

 11.8.2002  Comments by Brent
  @ 21:00 what...i only get 1000 characters...what the shizzel...i guess putting the dot dot dots doesn't help either...oh well...so what to say what to say...i guess i better make it good b/c i only get 1000 characters...you'd think with all the technology in the world i could get more than 1000 characters, but no...1000 is all cheap jay can give us...ok, i'm looking as i'm typing and apparently 1000 is alot more than i thought...i thought i would definately be there by now, but oh well...so what to say...i live in va, where jay used to live...i work for a living doing a job, which most people do...i love the hokies for all of you west coasters...So jay...what can i say about him...hmm...let me think and i'll get back to you...yea he's pretty cool, but he had to go and move out west, what's up with that...wow i'm up to 877 characters, wait 89-wait 90...oh well i better wrap it up soon...so i will leave you with great advice...if you ever find yourself in an alley with a tiger and llama,you must

 11.7.2002  Comments by Mom
  @ 10:54 Gee, I am so honored. I get to sign your Guestbook.

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 11.4.2002  Comments by Paula
  @ 18:26 Wow...do I feel cool now!
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 11.3.2002  Comments by Jay
  @ 23:34 See how cool I am, I am writing a message to myself!

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